Spring Forward with NYCPAS

This weekend we sprung our clocks forward and are getting ready for the 1st day of Spring! Chances are if you are like me, Spring usually brings an onset of cleaning, purging, adding new springtime routines and more to your life. I mean, Spring cleaning is like the greatest thing since sliced bread. Well, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but you have to agree that cleaning out that forgotten closet feels oh so good. I am here to tell you all about a little challenge that focuses on springing forward. As mentioned above, we tend to think of Spring cleaning as something we do with our surroundings, like a home, car or workplace. But what if for the next 21 days we tried to spring forward with our planners, journals and notebooks? I want us to think outside the box and try something new in our planners. Or perhaps stop forcing yourself to do something in your planner just because you feel like you have to. We all know planners can be so much more than a place to set important dates. But, it can also sometimes feel overwhelming as we might feel the need to have “everything” in it. What is something you have been wanting to try to include in your planner? Maybe a favorite quotes page, or a place for all your login information. Maybe incorporating some art journaling? What about adding a grocery list or a habit tracker? On the flip side, what is something that is no longer serving you in your planner? Is there something that feels like a chore or inauthentic when you fill it in? Could you do without and clean that space for something new? Think about this for a bit. I would love to see you “Spring Clean” your planners and move forward into the new season feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the days with passion and conviction! Here is a graphic from ForeverGoodLife on Pinterest to show that there are so many ways you can use your planner and every person needs to find their balance and no two planners are alike!

So, I hereby challenge you to try something new, purge something old, change up the look or feel, really anything that helps you #springforwardwithNYCPAS. For the next 21 days, we would love to see your layouts/posts on our Facebook page and our Instagram Page and be sure to use the hashtag above. We will be picking a winner at random to win some NYCPAS swag after the 21 days is done. The more you post, the higher the chance of winning! We hope the promise of Spring will remind you how beautiful change really is. Peace, Love & Happy Spring Cleaning, Joy and The Leadership Team

Masks, large gatherings, what to do while in DUMBO and all the planner 411 for this summer's NYCPAS Expo! We've got you covered! Be sure to follow us on IG to tune in.

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