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NYC Planner Addicts was founded in May 2016 by Catalina Hidalgo, a twin mom and successful business owner who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Catalina, or Cat as she is affectionately known by everyone, came up with the idea of a NYC based planner group when she was going through a very emotional time in her life. To sit here and list everything she does for this organization and event would take pages of content. Cat has her hands in EVERY.SINGLE.ASPECT of the event. This is what makes her a true leader. She knows what is going on at all times, from all the angles, but also understands the importance of leading from a distance and being open and willing to collaborate with others. Her innate ability to flawlessly work with every type of personality makes her a great leader as well. She is the glue that holds NYCPAS together. And we all know how we feel when the glue dries up and your favorite sticker falls off your layout!

Cat, like most of us, is very excited to reunite with the NYCPAS planner gang, unwind and have fun after the crazy year of 2020. Cat makes sure that everyone who joins the NYCPAS feels safe to be themselves and values the diverse group of women who she shares her passion with. When I asked Cat what she thinks makes her a great asset to the leadership team, I was curious to hear her answer. Her response is just so CAT and so on point. She isn’t afraid to live on the edge when it comes to her creativity and ideas and also doesn’t follow the crowd. She brings her own spin to everything she touches, this event is no exception.

Cat currently plans in a disc style planner with Cloth and Paper inserts and a horizontal style Erin Condren, and used a spiral notebook to memory plan. Instead of accessories, Cat states her planner is her go-to item and would be lost without it. When not planning, Cat owns a successful construction consultant business and helps manage other construction companies. She also owns a non-profit and is a mom of 9 year old fraternal twins. Her kids are her life, therefore in her downtime you will always find her planning an adventure with them. She wears her heart on her sleeve and chances are you can find her giving back to the community in some way.

Cat hopes this event will be an unforgettable experience for attendees and that most will leave feeling refreshed and ready to tackle their planner and hopefully get out of their “planner funk” that this pandemic has pushed many into. Even though she graduated with a degree in journalism, she ended up changing paths and owning a successful construction company, which she celebrates 16 years this October. In addition to the many hats she wears personally and professionally, she is also a tenant advocate. It goes without saying, she is a woman of many talents.

Please join me in thanking Cat for creating this wonderful group.

This Month

IG lives, Sticker Spectrum Collaboration, Declutter Challenge, and celebrating moms!

NYCPAS Expo Countdown Stickers! by the The Sticker Spectrum.

With news on the July first reopening of the city there are more reasons to begin the countdown towards an unforgettable event! Sticker Spectrum has us covered with these super cute expo countdown sticker sheets! $4 on their site. click below to snag yours! oh and don't forget to tag us!

Shop of the Month Spotlight

May 12th at 9PM on IG we hope you can tune in!

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VIP Spot light with

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May 19th at 8PM on IG- Don't miss it!

May's Declutter Challenge has kicked off!

It's not too late to jump in and follow as much as you'd like! Share your declutter challenge pics and tag us at #nycpasdeclutterchallenge for a chance to win a gift card!

Seeking VIP Table Sponsors! If you are a shop or a savvy business individual and would like to be a VIP Table Sponsor, Please contact us! We'd love to feature your products.

Last but never least, we hope all the mothers out there had a beautiful and blessed Mother's Day. Here is to all the mom boss planners!

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