If Tables Could Talk June 7, 2021

Less than 60 days until the 4th Annual NYC Planner Addicts Expo and we could not be more excited. We are busier than ever behind the scenes making sure we are going to be providing our attendees with an unforgettable event. However, all the work we do couldn’t be possible without our sponsors. Today, I want to specifically call out our table sponsors who are also working behind the scenes on themes, new products, packaging and designing tablescapes probably in their dreams. The feeling of walking into the room and seeing all the creative tables (and all the goodies) is just a magical feeling. WE HAVE THE BEST TABLE SPONSORS!

The themes are all in on our end and while hints will be posted soon, we want to keep a level of suspense until you reach your table on the day of the Expo. But, until then please thank our table sponsors by giving them a like or a share or comment. Spread the love, because we love them and couldn’t do this without each and every one of them.

Table Sponsors:

Joy Paper Designs

Indy N Ivy Ink

Mia Plans

New York Art Affair

NYCPAS: NYC Planner Addicts

Plan A Crafty Life

Planning With Jazz

Posh Plans

The Sticker Spectrum

SugaryGal Shop

Triple Threat Planner

Write From My Heart

XO from Ana

8 Tickets Left! Don't miss out! The NYCPAS Expo is a full day event of planner addict fun! Snag your ticket here!


Don't forget to snag these super cute June Pride Stickers from our shop of the month! Enjoy freebies and 20% off with code NYCPAS21 Catch Liam, the artist in this months IG Live!


Meet The Team

Joy Adamonis: Director of Events & Operations So, it’s my time to talk about ME! If you read any of the newsletter, contracts, press releases or blogs, chances are I wrote it! Other than content, I am also responsible for the organization of the big-ticket items that events of this caliber have. Making sure venues have proper accessibility, food waivers, sponsorship contracts/negotiations and more. When the event takes place, more of my responsibilities will come to fruition. However, at this stage of the game, I am more behind the scenes.

I am most excited about the undertones that this event has; Mental Health. I believe gathering in a safe space and discussing mental health & planning could be healing and cathartic for many women who feel like they are alone with their feelings. Diversity & inclusivity are two of the main attributes I think of when I hear NYCPAS. I was the girl with the broken foot from New England, and now I am a part of the team. They embraced me from the 1st moment, and I will never forget it. I believe my Bachelors degree in Event Planning & Hospitality Management brings a unique lens to the leadership team. I have thrown multi-day, 500-plus person events for over 10 years as an event planner for a large hotel chain and smaller nonprofits. I also am a freelance writer, and I believe my unique style of writing is very relatable and works well in this setting. Currently, I plan in a Silk & Sonder monthly planner and bullet plan in a Leuchtturm 1917. I also have a memory planner and journal using an Archer & Olive planner/notebook, respectively. Motivational stickers are a huge thing for me at the moment. When I am not planning or living during a pandemic, I love to travel the world with my husband and son. I also run yoga/art infusion workshops to kids and adults of all abilities. I’m also a jewelry designer and herbalist & my newest business launched quietly in 2020. I am a mental health advocate, therefore I hope this event sheds light on the stigma and importance of mental health. With my own challenges with my multiple mental health diagnoses, I know the power of listening and validating one's experiences and feelings. I am the friend everyone calls when they need advice or just to vent and I am so grateful for that. Thank you for allowing this New Englander to be a part of the team. You can find me on Instagram at @joysmindfulmagic Peace, Love & Happy Planning, Joy


Become a VIP table Sponsor or Lead a Make & Take Workshop

This is a great opportunity to get your product and shop in front of some of the best in the business and show guests about your business. You will be featured on the Planner Bill and on table signage. Thank you all for your support.

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