Broadway With A Purpose

As you probably are already aware our theme for the 2021 NYCPAS EXPO is Broadway Musicals! Picture the historic Dumbo loft filled with tablescapes decorated with some of the best Broadway musicals out there. Who is hoping for a RENT table? ME, I am! Joking aside, all signage and event materials will focus on anything and everything that has to do with Broadway. However, while the outward appearance of the event will focus on Broadway, our speakers and workshops will all have a similar undertone that we believe will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, replenished and ready to live unapologetically.

We all know the benefits of proper self-care, keeping tabs on your mental health and how practicing gratitude can help us live a more fulfilled life. Our event will help you learn practical ways of incorporating these ideas into your planning, and thus they become a ritual part of your daily life. We all can benefit from some self-compassion and what better way than to surround yourself with such a positive community, where you can learn ways to live, love and harness the power of planning for positive growth & mental health.

You can read more about how planning and journaling can benefit your mental health here. We can not wait to have you join us for this mindfully curated event that is sure to not only reinvigorate your planning style, but your mind, body and soul. Until then, grab a pen, your journal or paper and write yourself a love letter. Speak kindly to yourself and give yourself credit for all you have accomplished. No feat is too small and every small change has purpose.

Peace, Love & Happy Journaling, Joy and The Leadership Team

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